About Bearflox

About Bearflox

Hi everyone, welcome to Bearflox.com website. This site is dedicated to explore ideas on sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The curiosity is what drives me. With this site I explore various subjects and enhance awareness on topics such as climate change, waste reduction, circular economy and more. I hope site does help the visitors to understand these complex topics and make educated decisions about improving everyday habits. 

My name is Raivis, I am creator of this site. In childhood, I have been connected with nature closely, lived and worked in the country farm, witnessed and participated in the farming process. The urbanization is global phenomena and after moving to the city I studied economics and worked with various projects in telco and IT industry. Being close to tech sector I witnessed the rise of internet and all that comes with it. 

I believe that technological progress is the driving force for development and if used mindfully improves our quality of life. I also believe that it is our responsibility to use technology to solve the challenges we face today. 

We start with ourselves, find like-minded people, discuss, criticize and improve, start again and build something better.


SIA Evolvement
Rupniecibas str. 30
email: info@bearflox.com
email: raivis.mackevics@bearflox.com
Evolvement LTD
4283 EXPRESS LN STE 4966-712
FL 34249-2602
email: info@bearflox.com
email: raivis.mackevics@bearflox.com
Raivis in Riga

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