About Bearflox

About Bearflox

Hi everyone, welcome to Bearflox.com website. This site is dedicated to exploring the idea of sustainability, healthy and friendly lifestyle ideas about coherent interaction among economic, social, environmental domains.  We at bearflox are on our way to find ways to become sustainable and aware of our footprint on the environment. 

Our contribution

There is simply too much single-use plastic around and depletion of natural resources. We expect a significant improvement in the European and USA markets in the reduction of single-use plastic in upcoming years. 

We created Bearflox brand to contribute.  Beeswax wraps and eco-friendly organic reusable produce bags are products that you can acquire and help us move forward and make a greater impact as we invest in local communities and help raise awarness about a sustainable lifestyle, thoughtful consumption and less waste. 

How to find us

SIA Evolvement
Rupniecibas str. 30
email: info@bearflox.com
Evolvement LTD
4283 EXPRESS LN STE 4966-712
FL 34249-2602
email: info@bearflox.com

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