Beeswax food wraps product review – 5 most popular in US market

Beeswax food wraps product review – 5 most popular in US market

The zero-waste journey continues, as we use and explore new products that help eliminate plastic waste. In this article, I would like to share my insights on the product beeswax food wraps. I chose it as one of the simplest and yet very practical products for everyday use.

The article is indented as a product review on 5 top-selling beeswax food wraps in the US Amazon market (4Q-2018). Hope this review will help those who are interested in this product or are looking for a starting kit for swapping some plastic in the household. Information is gathered by analyzing customer feedback using Amazon reviews and also on personal experience as we bought each of these wraps.

All TOP 5 wraps are made from natural ingredients such as cotton fabric sheet (GOTS certified), beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. Some wraps have additional ingredient – scented oil, for customers that do not like natural beeswax smell. I am biased to beeswax smell, as my grandfather had a beehive and it brings back nice memories. Other parameters like size, price, design, package, and quality differ for these wraps. Let us have a closer look.

Here are bestsellers on Amazon.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Bee’s Wrap Assorted 3 Pack.

Well made quality product from Bee’s Wrap. All ingredients natural. Cotton GOTS certified. Perfect inBees_wax_wrap

kitchen for cheese and bowl cover. Middle level of adhesiveness. It takes a bit longer to warm the wax for it to become adhesive, but it works well at the end, just a few seconds longer to hold before it sticks. Lasts approximately for a year. However, after using it for a 3 months daily, my estimate of the lifespan – half a year to 9 months. It has good instructions info on how to handle the item.

Colors. Classical purple and yellow colors as variations are available for this product. Fabric is prepared with the brand name on it that is a sign of a long term business for this company as it is more difficult for other competitors to copy this design.

Size. Product has typical sizes for wraps that are offered on the market: S (7″x8″), M (10″x11″), L (13″x14″). The small one can be used if you have to cover a cup or small bowl. The middle works great for cheese and sandwiches as a takeaway. The Large one I use for salad bowls and herbs to put in the fridge. The size is not enough tough to cover bread with L size wraps.

Price: $19 (volume of wraps 348 square inches, gives 5,46 cents per square inch) and is the best seller on Amazon in its category.

Review count: 170 with average 4,5 stars (product launched at the end of 2016 and has a solid sales record).

Manufacturer: Even though company claims that product is “handcrafted” (designed) in Vermont USA at least part of the production is manufactured in China (at the moment of writing this article).

Organic reusable food wraps 3 pack by ETEE

Quality. Product with organic certified cotton. Organic cotton is produced in farms without pesticides ETEE_wrapsand fertilizers thus proudly bears the name – organic. However, it does not affect product quality or biodegrading cycle as both 100% cotton and organic one are nature-friendly. This product has the same slight issue with adherence, like previous ones, but works well as hands warm the beeswax. The company offers a money-back guarantee for 90 days (3 months). And has Amazon choice batch. Which indicates that the company takes care of the product, customer service and regularly improves it.

Colors. Blue and green with waved sides. Colors and wave is a nice touch from the company as visible differentiation which emphasizes that the company has thought through the product.

Size. S(7×8″), M(10×11″), L(12×14″). Slightly reduced large wrap in comparison does not ruin the day but is visible on the eye. The product does its job for the bawls and as a sandwich wraps very good.

Price: $17.95 (volume of wraps 334 square inches, gives 5,37 cents per square inch).

Review count: 270 with average 4,1 stars (product launched at the beginning of 2018).

Manufacturer: China

The original Abeego storage wrap 3 pack

Quality. High-quality wraps, sticks to itself and plates very well, great design of the product and the Abeego_wrapspackage. Besides this 3 pack, the company offers also other variations of different sizes and quantity.

Colors. Pale yellow with Abeego brand texture in it. I like their self-made design for the wraps, and they differ from others, which is important to have a brand identity. Has an original package that differs from the others.

Size. 7×7″(S), 10×10″(M), 13×13″(L). So far the smallest wraps by volume. The small ones are hard to find a use for, maybe for small cup cover or berries and nuts. It is recommended to put a small wrap in a pocket for the dry food on the go. Company does offer also beeswax pouches.

Price: $18 (volume of wraps 318 square inches, gives 5,66 cents per square inch). The most expensive per square inch.

Review count: 214 with average 4,5 stars (product launched at the end of 2016)

Manufacturer: Canada

PataBee 4 pack – Handmade in Switzerland

Quality. 30-day money-back guarantee. As products are hand made they quality differ. CompanyPataBee_wraps PataBee has great customer service and it is possible to change the product if you got a bad one. Organic cotton is used for wraps and company claims that also the beeswax and other ingredients are organic thus produces without any chemical influence. Product has useful free learning material with it: an e-book on sustainability. Well done PataBee.

Colors. Yellow, green, blue, red. Most colorful product from top sellers, impossible to miss some covered bowl in your fridge. It helps to remember what you have covered. Salads in blue, but berries in red – easy to remember.

Size. S (8×8″), M (11×10″), M (11×10″), L (14×12″). Have added one whole wrap but have the same price level, which is great for customers as the company is fighting for their market share and doing great, also one of the best sellers on Amazon.

Price: $18,95 (volume of wraps 452 square inches, gives 4,19 cents per square inch). The cheapest per square inch. So far the best value for money.

Review count: 83 with average 4,2 stars (product launched at the beginning of 2018)

Manufacturer: Switzerland

Land Work Provisions assorted size 5 pieces

Quality. Differs from time to time. Mostly good, but some packages are too sticky and leave a great dealLWP_logo of residue on the hands, plates and any place they get in contact with. Thus are difficult in use and does not last long. My guess is due to overdosage of the oil for one particular production unit. If you don’t get those sticky ones the product is good and quality is quite the same as the top products.

Colors. Yellow, Blue, Grey with texture. Generic colors and texture, the company might think about them and improve to make their unique style.

Size. 3S (7×7″), M (10×10″), L (14×14″). Yes, three small wraps, that are not off too much use for me as I like better larger ones.

Price: $19,99  (volume of wraps 443 square inches, gives 4,51 cents per square inch).

Review count: 299 with average 4,5 stars (product launched at the beginning of 2018)

Manufacturer: USA

Wrapping up

All five products are well-established sellers on Amazon and have uniqueness for their customers. Advantage of being first on the market belongs to Bee’s Wrap and Abegoo, however, all 5 companies offer high-quality variety pack products to their customer base.

It must be taken into account that ETEE and PataBee use only organic materials for their products. Looking through zero waste glasses and calculating the best value for money – my choice goes to PataBee’s colorful products from Switzerland.

We have extended experience in eco friendly product evaluations and reviews. If you are company and have product that is regarded as sustainable and eco-friendly and are interested in honest feedback and review post, please send information to info@bearflox.com, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi Bearflox,

    Thanks for this article! I just wanted to share some information that you got incorrect. Bee’s Wrap is indeed made Vermont, not China. I’m a Vermonter, and we’re really proud to have this company produce in and distribute from our state. If you want to learn more, they talk a lot about being a Vermont-based company. Thanks for making the correction!

    1. Hi, Emily, thanks for comment. You are right partially, as we investigated each producer and have contacted and talked quite a few Manufacturers in Asia, there are possibility that until 2018 (at least) part of production and raw material for mentioned company was done in Asia.

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