Eco Friendly Reusable Produce Bags – review of the new product
Bearflox reusable produce bags

Eco Friendly Reusable Produce Bags – review of the new product

In this post, we examine our product. Bearflox team has researched it, designed, created and managed all logistics for eco friendly reusable produce bags to reach the stores. Now it is available on Amazon.

Zero waste bags

After launching Beeswax Wraps we didn’t think long about the next product to go for. The EU government has introduced legislation that restricts various single-use plastic products from reaching the market and we wanted to participate in the cause. Reusable produce bags are created to replace plastic bags, both large and small transparent ones. The choice was to extend our product line into the circular economy idea.

After examining and considering all options for material and fabric: Nylon, Organic Cotton, Recycled plastic, were options in the market. We chose Organic Cotton.

Zero waste mesh bags

The task of creating a product (zero waste produce bags) was not easy, as the market of reusable bags is very strong and there are many good products and companies. Below listed are companies that are dominating the market and all of them have good products with strong features.

Colony Co – mesh produce bags

Anleo – muslin cotton bags

Autopsell – mesh produce bags

Organic Cotton Mart – mesh produce bags

All cotton and linen – mesh produce bags

Sandstone and sage – mesh produce bags

Simple ecology – muslin cotton bags

Earth Junkey – set of muslin and mesh bags

Big A solutions – premium mesh bags

After researching customer feedback of these companies we narrowed down to 3-4 main features that customers were pointing out that would help them while handling and using produce bags. It was a window for us to help and improve existing products.

  1. Size of the bags must be larger than those in the market, for products to fit in easily. Quite a few customers pointed out that the bags were too small to fit large produce and especially lose salats. Not to squeeze them in the process of bagging was also a challenge.
  2. Strong muslin smell of existing cotton bags lead us to consider non-bleached and 100% organic cotton material.
  3. Cotton material must be strong and not unravel after a few uses. Thus double stitched seams are a must for our bags.
  4. Bags must not be a problem for washing machines and dishwashers. We chose to introduce the strong double drawstring without need for any bead – metal, plastic or wooden.
Produce bag boxes

Set of 10 bags, 7 mesh and 3 muslin for shopping and storing groceries were created. Four sizes. We added some splash of color as a one-inch on the top of the mesh bags, to make them more colorful and unique.

Bearflox bags.

As far as we have examined market our cotton bags with a colorful top, double drawstring, four sizes and 3 muslin cotton bags for nuts or small goods like dried fruit, are unique in the market.

We hope you will try them and leave us feedback so we can improve them and make even better. One of our concerns was the weights, as the bags are large: The Largest XXL bag is 20×16 inches and can be filled with more than 15 kg of carrots, apples, or other vegetables. If the bag will be lifted by drawstring who knows what the result will be. However if the bags are closed and the drawstring is carefully tied into the nut, thus creating a place to lift it by hand we have checked it works quite well.

Zero waste store

The way to use these bags are miscellaneous, after researching the way zero waste community is using mesh produce bags we assembled the most common ones and wrote an e-book on that, you can download it on our web page.

If you have any questions about Bearflox eco-friendly mesh produce bags, please do not hesitate and ask us in comments, we will be more than happy to answer.

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