How to make beeswax wraps stick

How to make beeswax wraps stick

After taking wraps out of the package they look good, they smell good, but they do not stick well enough! What to do? There are several reasons and few ways to fix this issue.

Even though wraps are the straight forward product, it does have a bit of a learning curve.  It is an organic product and might be more complicated in use than plastic food storage.

5 reasons wrap does not stick

We found these five reasons as most common why beeswax wraps might not stick at the beginning:

  • Cotton fabric is thicker than needed. If a producer uses a thicker and quality fabric it can help enhance the lifetime of the product. Typical wraps serve up to a year, but thicker wraps might serve longer than that. In the same time be aware that cotton fabric quality differs. The Soft cotton has better quality and thus wraps will stick better.
  • Low-quality beeswax. There are several types of beeswax and some do their job better than others.Honey
  • Too less wax per sheet of cotton.
  • Too much oil in the mix. Beeswax is not the only ingredient of the wraps. Jojoba oil and tree resin are part of the equation as well. If the oil is used too much per wrap, it hinders beeswax ability to stick. It can be easily felt by touching wrap as it leaves an oily residue on the hand.
  • Too Long shelf time. If wraps have not been used after production for months, they might go dormant and look dry and after time 9-12 months become dry. The faster wraps are used the better. 6-9 months shelf life is good for wraps, but be aware of the older ones as they have dried out. This is one of the reasons why local wraps are best to use as they have not traveled a long way and as a rule are functioning better.

3 ways to solve it quickly

Whatever the reason might be for wraps to look dry or not stick well enough, there are few ways to breathe life into them and make them work better depending on their initial condition. Beeswax melting point is 144 (F)/62 (C) degrees and this feature must be kept in mind when using wax wraps properly.

  • Put wraps in the water around 100 (F) degrees warm, it will help warm the wrap wax. As the beeswax is water-resistant it is necessary simply to rinse off the wrap and it can be used almost immediately.
  • Put wraps in direct sunlight for around 30-60 seconds, the same principle applies. Wax will melt and stick better.
  • Shrink the wrap in the hand, several times. If the cotton is sturdy it will wrinkle and become easy to use at the same time warmth of your hands will melt the wax and it will stick better.

The ultimate way to fix the issue

If nothing helps from the above mentioned, there is one more way to deal with this. It does require some effort and if you are into zero waste or curious enough this might be interesting.

Replenish wraps with beeswax yourself. It is almost as to make them from scratch, but you have already the wraps in the place. The only thing necessary is the beeswax. It can be bought in eco-friendly shops and should be easily available.

Buy beeswax, grate it and replenish evenly over the wrap and put the wrap in the oven for a few minutes. After visually noticing that wax has melted into the cotton, take it out and leave to cool.

Wraps will be ready to use after cooling will do the job.

Wraps that don’t stick well can be used

Even if the wraps are less sticky than it is expected they might be of great service for various uses at home and outside, like, sandwiches and takeaways. It is important to understand that beeswax wraps are made from organic cotton and beeswax, both are natural ingredients and might differ from product to product. Clearly, the users of wraps will encounter adaptation time for each wrap.


It takes a few uses of each wrap to get the feel of it. Some stick at once and are worn out quite quickly as the beeswax in the wrap decreases. Some wraps are from thicker cotton and are sturdier, but after warming wax up it does serve pretty well and longer.

I  hope this article helps wax wrap users and safe some wraps from immediate disposal if they do not stick immediately after taking them out of the package.

Use them, warm them and they will serve you longer than you expect.

Leave us a comment if you find it useful and or some other method to deal with wraps that might not stick.

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