Reusable food wraps – 20 ways to use them

Reusable food wraps – 20 ways to use them

Beeswax wraps are an alternative method of storing produce and allowing less single-use plastic into our homes. This article lists 20 ways to use reusable food wraps and get most of them. Let’s get straight into it.

In Kitchen

1.Wrap Fruits. They bruise easily. Wax wraps are tacky and flexible and can be molded to what you are wrapping easily. Wrap half an avocado, lemon, lime, apple, watermelon or other fruit in it and save for later. Wraps are breathable and help keep another half of the fruit fresh for longer.

2. Covering the top of mason jars will be a whole lot easier with the wraps if for whatever reason you do not have a lid; wraps can be molded to be a lid for you. You can still store soup, pickles or fermented items in the jar, and the wrap will keep all that goodness in until you are ready to eat it again.

3. Wrap the cheese for the fridge. One of the easiest and most common usage. No saran again for this.

4. Wrap sandwiches for takeaway. For kids or yourself, it all works well. If your wraps are too waxy, put them in a cotton bag so it does not leave the stain in your bag.

5. Cover freshly cut a loaf of bread. Covering baked goods is one of the best uses for the wraps, to keep bread fresh.

6. Put the wrap over the bowl of salad to keep it fresh for later. You can cover all kinds of leftovers and beeswax wrap keeps them in good condition longer.

7. Got a sweet tooth? Bring your beeswax wraps with you to the bakery instead of using a paper bag. You can wrap buns or pastries in them and the wrap will not get greasy as a paper bag would. Also, it’ll be airtight and not let your goodies go stale.

8. An alternative to a plastic straw. You got that right! If you grab one of the small or extra small wraps you can roll it up and sip your juice or smoothie through it. We all know what bag plastic straw do to the environment, so why not substitute with something that can be reused? When you are done, just unroll and wash in water and with eco-friendly dish soap.

9. You can also use them to line your fridge shelves with for easy cleaning. Fridges can have spills, and sometimes food gets stuck onto the shelve making it difficult to clean. However, lining them with beeswax wraps will make possible for easy cleanup.

10. Beeswax wraps come in various sizes, our extra-large wraps are specially designed to be cut if needed to suit your needs. Have a large bowl or pot to cover? Need to cover glass of drink? Suit yourself and use scissors to adjust the size.

On the go

11. You can fold your wrap into a box to hold fresh berries or nuts! It is almost like you are playing with play dough and creating these packages for you to avoid waste! It works just like a normal container would but without all the extra bulk.

12. It can also be folded into a pocket-size form of storage to hold a snack like pretzels, or you can use it for treats for your dog instead of a single-use baggie. You just need to mold it to your liking and keep it by the door or in your pocket – that way you wouldn’t have treats spilling out of your pockets, or worse crushed up treats that are hard to get out.

13. If you are enjoying a lovely evening in your yard and realize that all the bugs want to join the party, you can use beeswax wraps to cover the top of bottles, glasses, and snacks that you may not be finished with. You can even use the small wraps as a lid for your wine, just in case you had a bit left and weren’t ready to drink the whole bottle.

14. Picnics, road trips, long walk, or ride with the bike – you can take something in the wrap with you.

Few more ideas

15. Beeswax wraps are used not just with foods (beeswax antibacterial and water-resistant property make them perfect for food); you can also use them for your products such as a soap or shampoo bar while traveling. They take up little room in your backpack/luggage and there won’t be any spills ruining your clothing. The wax wraps stick to the product and seal out all the moisture to avoid any wetness. Beeswax has well known waterproof properties and was used with shoes and clothes for preventing moisture penetration for generations.

16. If your deck of cards needs a new home because the box it came in is tarnished – happens to us all, then beeswax wraps can do the trick. They are sturdy enough to be used repeatedly and usually don’t collect any dust.

17. Wrap up a bouquet! Bet you didn’t think of that. Beeswax wraps can be molded to suit the size of the bouquet and add a similar smell to the already beautiful aroma. Beeswax wraps also come in many designs, which can add to the fancy flowers especially if they are a gift.

18. Do you need to open a jar lid but it’s stuck? Beeswax wraps aren’t only used for wrapping; they can also help add that extra bit of grip around the lid and your hand to get the lid off. No need to add hot water, the tackiness of the wrap will latch onto the lid and open it up quickly.

19. It is not recommended using wraps with fresh meat and fresh fish as it gets stained and it is not possible to get rid of the flavor.

20. Mold your wrap into one to fill jars with dry goods or add liquid to a jar without spilling everywhere. Not many people would like to use wraps for this but the durability of it and thickness does not let anything get through.

Beeswax wraps are made of organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, the materials you can feel good about. All organic materials from Mother Nature, making it a great natural replacement for plastic wrap.

It does have a pleasant beeswax flavor; some love it while some don’t. For those who don’t, there are wraps with different scents. Whatever the flavor it does normally go away after you wash it several times.

Word of caution: please do wash it in cold water, as it is sufficient to get it clean. Beeswax melting temperature is 144 to 147 degrees Fahrenheit or 62-64 degrees Celsius. Please keep them away from direct sunlight and hot surfaces.

They can last up to a year if taken care of properly, depending on the size and frequency of use.

If you use the same wrap for berries, you may find that it gets a berry stain on it but, with proper care, you can continue to use it.

Finally. They are cost-effective. If you calculate the number of times you buy plastic wrap (various sizes included) and the initial investment to beeswax wraps you will find a significantly different number between the two.

These are just 20 ways you could use beeswax wraps, we hope this article brings you value. And if you find more ways how to use wraps as an alternative method to disposable items, please let us know by commenting below or write to us info@bearflox.com.

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