What are durable products  – top 10

What are durable products – top 10

We are on the path of reducing waste. One more way to deal with it in the household is to rely on quality goods and acquire (if necessary) as durable products as possible. What are durable products for you?

Each of us has different needs and preferences towards products or services we need or want. These preferences change continuously throughout our lives yet there are few things that remain with us and stand the test of time.

The products that are used on a daily basis and still are as good as fresh, products that serve longer than average in their market. The better things. Many companies do not compromise quality and they are worth to make a remark off.

The list of top 10 durable products that will last (disclaimer: jewelry, furniture, dishes, and decor products are not included in the list).

Levis leather belt. Lasts for more than 20 years and although has signs of tear and wear, the belt will continue to do the job. Levis Company has made commitments to sustainable production and helps to shift consumers away from fast fashion consumption.

Swiss Army Knife. Has no signs of wear after years of use. Company Victorinox states that even NASA equips its astronauts with Swiss Army Knives.

Brooks bike seat. To produce each of these iconic saddles the manufactures requires 3 days. Flexible but stiff saddle with time takes the unique form of riders body. The longer the saddle the more comfortable it becomes.

Le Creuset Iron Skillet. There is almost no way to waste iron skillet without intentionally damaging it. Several companies produce excellent iron skillets. Additionally, to use an iron skillet use heat and cut resistant gloves.

Safety razor. This one is really old. This razor in our family is for the third generation and is still used successfully (each man has its own). Simple and great design and most importantly it does leave on the shelves many reusable plastic single-use shavers.

Metal can. If you own a house and have a car, you need a metal can. The fact that NATO procurement acquired hundreds of these cans from Valpro for their purposes says it all about quality of the product.

Carl Zeiss binocular. Proven with time. Our family has an agriculture business and old Carl Zeiss binocular is used frequently to overlook fields and crops. Although the Zeiss Company has now many new models the old binocular does its job. It is in use for more than 30 years, now.

Salamon foot ware. We are keen hikers in the family and travel a lot. My Salamon hiking boots serve well over a decade and I am not planning to replace them yet. Decent time for footwear to last.

iMac. The computer – dinosaur, tech is developing fast and there are many new generation devices, yet this one serves me pretty well and I can fully rely on it even after ten years of use.

An old book. I love old books. The oldest book in our family is Iliad and Odyssey that was printed in the early 1930s, although we do have a kindle reader, the old books still have its appeal.

Nowadays, as waste and over consumption problem looms large, there are challenges for businesses besides maintaining the superb quality of their products.

The new way of designing products for sustainable use and recycling is required.
Shared economy, Internet of things and improved last-mile delivery are the trends that disrupt industries and help to reduce waste in an economically feasible way.

Let us know your thoughts on this subject and share insights in the comments below.

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